Jun 24 2021
Those Who Understand Media, Understand Investment In Gaming: Sajan Raj Kurup, Ventureland Asia
Q) Your recent acquisition of Revenant Esports was much in news. Please tell us something about the new deal, how exactly it happened, and what made Revenant be a perfect investment? I have fundamentally been following the esports industry for a while and like to play games myself. Also, I have been keenly observing what’s happening around the world, which calls for an interesting opportunity. Pure play esports has the potential to make it to the Olympics. In India, these days, every aspect of gaming is suddenly being clubbed with esports. But pure-play esports is where you have athletes as it involves a lot of skills followed by a lot of gamers. My son plays a lot and that is how I got interested in gaming. There is a huge amount of watch hours that people really spend around this time. Rohit Jagasia, who is the founder of Revenant, is somebody I have known for a while. He is a gamer himself. When he came and discussed his venture, I immediately thought of just going for it. The scenario for India is incredibly well as far as gaming is concerned. I sort of looked at the plan and told Rohit about my vision on it. It was in great sync so I was all ready to back this.