A culture is its people. The strength of Creativeland and that of our ideas come from the talent we house. So, we have handpicked some of the most awarded talent to work at Creativeland. Diverse and different. Passionate and focused.
We detest mediocrity, complacency and the road much travelled. We do not encourage complex hierarchy, bossing and tantrums. At Creativeland, we encourage a multicultural environment, teams, enthusiasm and FreeThinking™.
There is freedom to think and do. There’s freedom to explore and experiment. And there’s freedom to develop and grow.
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    Sajan RaJ Kurup

    Founder and Creative Chairman

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    Srijib Mallik

    Chief Operating Officer

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    Anu Joseph

    Chief Creative Officer

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    Harshad Lad

    Head - Creative Operations

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    Satya Shetty

    Chief Implementation Officer

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    Sajiv Kurup

    Executive Director

Sajan RaJ Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairman

Srijib Mallik, Chief Operating Officer

Anu Joseph, Chief Creative Officer

Harshad Lad, Head - Creative Operations

Satya Shetty, Chief Implementation Officer

Sajiv Kurup, Executive Director